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Sanford School Media Briefing on Upcoming Election & Voter Fatigue, Duke Today

Professors Asher HildebrandDeondra RoseSunshine Hillygus, Phil Napoli, and Sanford Dean Judith Kelley participated in a media briefing for a group of international journalists on youth voter turnout and North Carolina’s role in the upcoming presidential election.

Professor Rose expressed concern for voter exhaustion among young voters where there is a sense of “déjà vu” as the same candidates are reappearing on the ballot. She emphasizes the importance of democratic participation, stating that “self-governance means very little if people don’t participate.”

Professor Hildebrand commented on North Carolina’s unique position as a “state that’s politically diverse” where voters have “tended to deliver split verdicts” as Republicans tend to win federal elections and Democrats tend to win the governor’s office as well as other statewide elections.

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