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Donald Trump

Duke Political Experts’ Thoughts on the Assassination Attempt on Donald Trump, Country’s Future

“Former president Donald Trump faced a reported assassination attempt this weekend at a campaign rally in Butler, Pennsylvania. In response to public discourse on how this development will impact the upcoming election and the future of American democracy, The Chronicle spoke with three experts from Duke’s public policy and political science departments to gain their insights on the matter…”

Deondra Rose for Duke Mag

Showing Up for Democracy

“Deondra Rose, associate professor of history and political science, directs Polis: The Center for Politics in the Sanford School of Public Policy. Polis (named for the ancient Greek word for city-state) was designed in 2015, she says, ‘to foster the development of engaged citizens … [and to] grapple with the most pressing political issues of our time…'”

Healing Politics Participants

Nurses Leading Change at 2nd Annual Healing Politics Campaign School

“‘Nobody knows our story like we do. Nobody can tell our story like we do,” said Senator Gale Adcock, a member of the North Carolina State Senate.’ Nurses and midwives from across the United States gathered at Sanford for the 2nd annual Healing Politics Campaign School. An initiative aimed at empowering them to run for local and national elections…”

Abdullah Antepli

2023-24 Chron15: Leaders

“Duke’s leaders are the people who champion the University community during good times and bad, inspiring others with their emphasis on values and progress. The leaders featured on this year’s Chron15 list are coaches, student leaders and faculty who used their power for good as they shaped the University’s future, encouraged student success and worked tirelessly to improve the Duke experience…”

Chloe Nguyen Graduation

Chloe Nguyen: 2024 Terry Sanford Leadership Award Winner

“Chloe Nguyen is one of two winners of the 2024 Terry Sanford Leadership Award. Chloe is passionate about understanding the psychological drivers of intergroup conflict like political polarization and developing interventions to address them. With Polis, Sanford’s Center for Politics, she developed a pilot program and suggestions for classroom teaching to improve political discourse on college campuses based in psychology research…”

Abdullah Antepli

Antepli to Lead Polis: Center for Politics

“Abdullah Antepli, associate professor of the practice at Sanford and associate professor of the practice of interfaith relations at the Divinity School, will become the new director of Polis: Center for Politics in the Sanford School of Public Policy at Duke University as of July 1, Dean Judith Kelley announced today…”

Listen: North Carolina Primary Election Special

“The North Carolina Super Tuesday Primary is upon us. The March 5th election will have significant influence on the composition of the next Congress, Legislature, and boards of education across North Carolina.”

March 5th Faculty Briefing

‘People Are Exhausted by Politics’: Faculty Assess the 2024 Election at Briefing for International Journalists

“It’s just early March, and voters may already be sick of the election. The inevitable November showdown between President Joe Biden and his presumptive opponent, former President Donald Trump, is so constant, ill-mannered and ubiquitous in news and social media it may tire out voters far before they cast a single vote, several Duke political experts said Monday…”

John Harwood Interviews with President Joe Biden, Former Congresswoman Liz Cheney, and Former White House Aide Cassidy Hutchinson on Bedeviled: A Podcast about American Democracy from Duke University

Polis: Center for Politics is pleased to announce new episodes of Bedeviled: A Podcast about American Democracy from Duke University by Duke University Sanford School of Public…

2024 Impact Report

“Impact is the heartbeat of the Sanford School of Public Policy. Today, the Sanford School stands as one of Duke’s defining aspects of the university’s century of excellence. This report unfolds the narrative of the past five years, showcasing dozens of impactful examples—a testament to a century of shaping public policy for the better…”