Hot Take

Interview with Michael Gerhardt


Duke University’s Center for Politics (Polis) interviews UNC law professor and constitutional law expert Michael Gerhardt on the subject of presidential impeachment. Gerhardt is one of only two people to testify before Congress in both of the last two presidential impeachment hearings.

Hot Take

Ways & Means Podcast


The Sanford School launches Season 5 of its award-winning documentary podcast, Ways & Means. The season is dedicated to issues in U.S. politics and civic life and hot topics in the 2020 elections.

Hot Take

Interview with Justin Vollmer

NC Senior Advisor to Michael Bloomberg

Polis Research Director Deondra Rose interviews Justin Vollmer–a senior advisor to Michael Bloomberg’s presidential campaign in North Carolina–directly after the Iowa Caucus. Learn more about Bloomberg’s campaign strategy in North Carolina, his public focus on President Donald Trump, and his love of Cheez-Its.