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American Democracy at a Crossroads
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Changing the Game: Politics, Policy, and 21st Century Leadership with Oklahoma City Mayor David Holt
A Conversation with Justin M. Bibb, Mayor of Clevelnd
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Calling all current Duke undergraduate, graduate, and professional students with an interest in politics, democracy, and public service!

Project Citizen 2023
Project Citizen 2023

Polis: Center for Politics serves as the proud Campus Partner for Project Citizen, an Experiential Orientation program designed to give students the skills to be informed, active, and compassionate citizens within Duke campus and our local, national, and global communities. 

John Harwood Distinguished Fellow
John Harwood
Joins Polis as a Distinguished Fellow

“I'm thrilled to join Polis as a Distinguished Fellow, at the university that has done so much to shape my life. We live in an exceptionally challenging moment for the democratic system I’ve spent decades writing and talking about in newspapers and on television. I feel privileged and energized to work through it with Duke students - sharing what I know and learning just as much from them.”
- John Harwood

Polis Director Deondra Rose Named 2023-24 Presidential Fellow
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Polis: Center for Politics is committed to increasing our understanding of politics locally, nationally, and globally.

We aim to promote powerful politics research, to foster rich political discourse, and to help a new generation of leaders find on-ramps to public service.


Polis Distinguished Fellows

The Polis Distinguished Fellows Program brings accomplished political practitioners, public servants, and organizers to campus to engage with our community and to dedicate some portion of their time to a project that promises an innovative solution to a problem of contemporary politics and that involves students in the process.

The program honors extraordinary leadership in politics and public service. Fellows are prominent figures who bring expertise and experience from their roles as practitioners in politics and governance, campaigns, activism, journalism, media, etc.

Fellows include Huma Abedin, Top Aide and Longtime Advisor to Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton; Reggie Love, Senior Advisor, Apollo Global Management & Former Personal Aide to President Barack Obama; Minh-Thu Pham, Co-Founder of New American Voices & Former Director of Global Policy, United Nations Foundation; Former U.S. Representative for North Carolina District 4 David Price; & Ambassador Miriam Sapiro.

Project Citizen '23

Polis: Center for Politics serves as the Campus Partner for Project Citizen, an Experiential Orientation program designed to give students the skills to be informed, active, and compassionate citizens within Duke campus and our local, national, and global communities.

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Research with Impact

Political scientists at Duke University draw upon a variety of theoretical perspectives and methodological approaches to produce cutting-edge research that enhances our understanding of politics. Polis is committed to showcasing political science research at Duke and to facilitating its creation.

PolicyLab is a nonpartisan, service-learning initiative that gives undergraduate and graduate students the opportunity to research real-world policy questions and to draft useful research for policymakers, issue advocates, and other change agents.

Check out valuable student insights from Professor Deondra Rose's Political Analysis for Public Policymaking (PUBPOL301) on Medium.

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