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Healing Politics

Event Recap: Healing Politics Campaign School for Nurses & Midwives

“Polis was the proud host for the 2nd annual Healing Politics Campaign School. Healing Politics serves to inspire and train nurses and midwives from across the country to run for elected office. The Campaign School consisted of four days of workshops and lectures focused on campaign development, communications and media strategy, and finance and fundraising fundamentals…”

Polis Recap: Egan Visiting Professor Yuval Levin

“On March 20th, American Grand Strategy, the DeWitt Wallace Center for Media & Democracy, and Polis: Center for Politics, hosted Egan Visiting Professor Yuval Levin to discuss his upcoming book, “American Covenant: How the Constitution Unified Our Nation – And Could Again.” Levin, also the Director of Social, Cultural, and Constitutional studies at the American Enterprise Institute, was joined by Philip M. Napoli…”

Navarro, Sellers, and Rose

Combating Hate and Bias Recap: Ana Navarro & Bakari Sellers

“The closing event of the Combating Hate and Bias Conference featured keynote speakers Ana Navarro and Bakari Sellers. Navarro is a GOP strategist, political contributor to CNN and Telemundo, and the Co-Host of ABC’s The View. Sellers is an accomplished political analyst and a former Representative for South Carolina…”

Black Policy Conference

Polis Recap: Inaugural Black Policy Conference

“Polis: Center for Politics served as a co-sponsor for the Black Policy Conference – Policy in Living Color. The conference was hosted by the Sanford Committee for Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion and Policy in Living Color. It provided an opportunity for diverse minds to come together to share insights on today’s most pertinent policy issues. The inaugural conference was organized by students Brittany Gabriel, Christian Jones, Ryana Jones, Omolayo Ojurongbe and Jordan Wilson…”

Ranjan Jindal, Reggie Love, Deondra Rose, Huma Abedin, & Julia Young

Polis Recap: An Evening with Huma Abedin & Reggie Love

“On Wednesday, February 21st, Polis: Center for Politics hosted Polis Distinguished Fellows Huma Abedin and Reggie Love (Duke ’05) to discuss their respective memoirs, Both/And and Power Forward. The evening focused on the Distinguished Fellows’ pathways to politics and how they became confidantes for the prolific political figures of former President Obama and Hillary Clinton, respectively…”

Panel 5

Combating Hate and Bias Recap: Sexism, Misogyny, and Politics

“The fifth panel in the Combating Hate and Bias Conference focused on sexism, misogyny, and politics. The panel included Nicki Washington, Cue Family Professor of the Practice, Computer Science and Gender, Sexuality, & Feminist Studies at Duke University; Director, Alliance for Identity-Inclusive Computing Education (AiiCE) and Selma Newbill, MPP Candidate…”

The Unifiers

Combating Hate and Bias Recap: The Unifiers

“The final panel of the Combating Hate and Bias Conference centered on “fostering transformative conversation across differences.” The panel consisted of a cross-disciplinary group of researchers and leaders who have incorporated disparate or oft-overlooked groups into critical political conversations. The Panel included Professor Jed Atkins, Professor…”

Frank Bruni

Combating Hate and Bias Recap: Keynote with NYT Columnist and Sanford Professor Frank Bruni

“In a keynote address for the Combating Hate and Bias Conference, New York Times Columnist and Eugene C. Patterson Professor of the Practice of Journalism and Public Policy in the Sanford School of Public Policy Frank Bruni joined Dr. Deondra Rose to discuss the ways in which hate…”

Panel 4 of Combating Hate and Bias Conference

Combating Hate and Bias Recap: Hate and Bias Toward the LGBTQ+ Community in Contemporary Politics

“Panel 4 of the Combating Hate and Bias conference focused on hate and bias towards the LGBTQ+ community in contemporary politics. Panelists included Angel Collie, Director of the Duke Center for Sexual and Gender Diversity; Sara LeGrand, Associate Research Professor, Duke Global…”

Combating Hate and Bias Recap: Fighting Racism, Hate, and Bias at the State and Local Levels

“The second panel in the Combating Hate & Bias conference explored how hate, bias, and racism challenge state and local communities. Speakers from academia and state government offered insights into the ways in which communities are fighting for a future that is free of racial…”