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Professor Frank Bruni & Mac McCorkle on the 2024 NC Governor Race, The New York Times

Professor Frank Bruni and Mac McCorkle headshotSanford Professor Frank Bruni gives his opinion on the 2024 North Carolina governor’s race for the New York Times, in his piece, “Anti-Gay? Anti-Science? Antisemitic? Run for Governor of North Carolina!” He asserts that NC Attorney General Josh Stein is the likeliest Democratic nominee, and Lieutenant Mark Robinson is the likeliest Republican nominee. He describes Stein as a “conventional choice, with a long resume of public service and unremarkable politics.” In contrast, he states that Robinson is “extremism incarnate: gun-loving, gay-hating and primed for conspiracy theories, with a garnish of antisemitism to round out the plate.” He believes this race would “hinge on the question of how much bigotry and divisiveness Republican and independent voters in North Carolina are willing to endorse, indulge or be persuaded to overlook.” Professor Mac McCorkle does not believe it is likely that a “firebrand” like Robinson would be elected. “Do people want somebody prosecuting the culture wars when there’s a hurricane? We haven’t had a shouter as governor, well, ever.” Bruni, however, isn’t so sure given the rise of influence of people like Marjorie Taylor Greene in the Republican Party. “We’d be foolish in North Carolina to trust that we won’t be part of the wreckage.”

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