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Professor Bruce Jentleson on the Chinese Spy Balloon, CBS17, Spectrum News

Headshot of Bruce Jentleson

CBS17, February 3
Professor Bruce Jentleson was interviewed by CBS17 on the Chinese spy balloon spotted flying over the United States. The balloon has caused widespread alarm and confusion, especially concerning U.S. missile sites. However, Professor Jentleson believes the balloon won’t bring “any real intelligence value” in comparison to traditional satellites. He also asserts that shooting it down would be “incredibly irresponsible.” “Right now, we need to avoid inadvertent escalation,” he says, “A lot more war and armed conflicts happen inadvertently than intentionally, and we want to make sure that we don’t fall into that here.”

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Spectrum News, February 5
Professor Bruce Jentleson was interviewed by Spectrum News after the Chinese spy balloon was shot over South Carolina. He argues that people should not criticize the U.S. for waiting to shoot down the balloon. He highlights the hypocrisy of Republicans for calling out the delay under Biden, when three Chinese spy balloons were not shot down during the Trump administration. He argues that shooting it down just for “political points” is irresponsible. “Many wars happen unintentionally.”

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