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Professor Mac McCorkle on the Political Landscape in 2023, Carolina’s Own Queen City News

Sanford Professor Mac McCorkle was quoted in Carolina’s Own Queen City News on the North Carolina governor’s race and new faces representing at the federal level. The political landscape can look very different within the next two years when North Carolina votes for the next governor and America votes for the next president.

McCorkle is expecting a titanic battle between Robinson and Stein, likely nominees for the NC governor’s race. “Here, you’re gonna have more of what I think will be viewed as a more purely progressive race, Josh Stein, even though he is not too left, and Mark Robinson, who’s full out almost from the Jesse Helms tradition,” McCorkle said.

McCorkle also gave his professional opinion on Senator-Elect Ted Budd’s transition into office, which he thinks may be tough. “Given how chaotic things are now with the Trump legacy, he’s going to have some trouble in the Senate figuring out if he’s going to be a Trump flamethrower as that flame may be fading.”

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