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Professor Asher Hildebrand on “Effective Members of Congress” and U.S. Rep. Richard Hudson, CBS17

Headshot of Asher Hildebrand

Professor Asher Hildebrand argues that the Center for Effective Lawmaking’s report on effective members of Congress fails to capture the whole picture: “Those are important things, but they’re not things that are captured by this sort of narrow metric of how many bills are you introducing, and are those bills moving through the process?” This year, U.S. Rep. Richard Hudson was ranked number one amongst the 13 North Carolinian members of Congress, when he had ranked last in 2017. “Now, we might interpret that to mean he’s come a long way in his effectiveness,” Hildebrand said. “Or we might interpret that to mean this type of measure should be taken with a grain of salt, because a lot depends on the individual Congress and those sorts of contextual factors.”


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