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Durham City Council Candidates Bring Their Platforms to Duke


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(Article reposted with permission from The Samuel Dubois Cook Center on Social Equity

Only three of the six candidates for Durham’s City Council appeared on Thursday night to participate in a public forum at Duke.

The candidates – Jillian Johnson, Charlie Reece and Steve Schewel, – took questions from Duke students, many of which were posted on Twitter using the hashtag #DukeVotes2015.

Duke Democrats: What can the city do to help stop the school to prison pipeline in Durham county? #DukeVotes2015
Artstigators: Are there plans for more street art in Durham? #DukeVotes2015 #artstigators
Durham Living Wage Project: Are there incentives the city can provide for businesses that pay living wages? #liveabull #dukevotes2015

The candidates agreed with each other on nearly every topic, with only slight differences in emphasis. The candidates had rehearsed their points having met the night before for a City Hall forum. After stating their platforms, students Zack Faircloth, T ’18, and Luke Raskopf, T‘16, took turns grilling the candidates on issues related to social equity.

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