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Major Kerr (PPS ‘24): “Oklahoma Legislatures are Sending us Back in Time”

Abortion is considered a felony, women’s rights are under attack, and there is a group referring to themselves as abolitionists. Guess the year. Although it may seem like this occurred hundreds of years ago, this is now the reality in Oklahoma following the passing of Senate Bill 612 through the House on Tuesday. Senate Bill 612 would make performing an abortion in Oklahoma a felony punishable with a fine up to $100,000 and a maximum prison sentence of 10 years. Continue reading

Professor Asher Hildebrand on Redistricting in North Carolina, Reuters

Republican wins in North Carolina’s Supreme Court have resulted in a decision to revisit a previous decision to invalidate a Republican supported redistricting map. Professor Asher Hildebrand argues in Reuters that if Republicans are allowed to implement more “Partisan congressional lines” it could flip three to four Democratic seats in their favor. “The court’s decision to rehear the issue, rather than wait for lawmakers to draw new maps that would then be subject to litigation, creates the appearance that the justices were acting out of ‘raw partisanship,’” Hildebrand said. Continue reading