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Violet Wang on NC’s Justice System, INDY Week

Former Director’s Fellow Violet Wang (PPS ’24) was published in INDY Week concerning North Carolina’s broken justice system and the importance of implementing a civil citation and diversion program. “Our current system drives previously incarcerated people to resort to crime again, creating a cycle of incarceration that is both costly to taxpayers and detrimental to the livelihood of offenders.” "A “cite and divert” program allows police officers to issue a civil citation for petty, nonviolent offenses instead of jail and arrest. Currently, six counties—Durham, Wake, Orange, Cumberland, New Hanover, and Buncombe—implement a pre-arrest diversion option for youth. This option creates... Continue reading

Professor Rose on Galvanizing Political Education on the HigherEdNow Podcast

Right before launching into the Braver Angels student debate, Associate Professor Deondra Rose joined the American Council of Trustees and Alumni’s Doug Sprei on the HigherEdNow podcast to discuss political education and civic engagement. "One of the things I spend a lot of time thinking about as a political scientist who focuses on higher education policy and questions is: what are we doing with this tremendous opportunity to engage with people who are at formative moments in their personal development, in their social development, in their political development, and relatedly, in their development as citizens? To my mind, civic education... Continue reading