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Professor Bruce Jentleson on U.S. Involvement in the Middle East, CBS17

Professor Bruce Jentleson appeared on CBS17 to discuss the impact of escalated tensions in the Middle East. He was asked to comment on the potential U.S. response to the death of several American troops in a deadly drone attack carried out by an Iranian-backed military group in Jordan. He noted that responding to attacks like this requires nuanced thinking by the President, which is no easy task. President Biden must be able to “balance the goals of both deterring further attacks and defending American troops with the risk of escalation.” While he argues that there will most likely not be an escalation in troops on either side, Professor Jentleson said that if the U.S. responds to the Iranian attacks they would most likely include the naval, airforce, and cyber sectors. He concluded that full escalation would not be wise, as “having greater military power, as we did in Iraq and Afghanistan, does not necessarily guarantee military victory and strategic success.”

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