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Project Citizen 2023 Reflection: Angelie Quimbo (’26)

Project Citizen 2023 Student Reflections:

Angelie Quimbo (Poli Sci '26)

Angelie Quimbo (Poli Sci '26)
Angelie Quimbo (Poli Sci '26)

After the launch of Project Citizen last year, I knew I wanted to be involved with Duke's new experiential orientation program. As someone who was a first year in the inaugural Project Citizen last year, I was ecstatic to have the chance to work with POLIS and this year's orientation team to kick off my sophomore year.

As an orientation leader, my early move-in back to campus was filled with training and team building. I was reminded that the opportunity to make friends and grow closer to peers never ends at Duke. I felt at home with my fellow OLs, and I felt supported by our PCitizen program directors; I felt hopeful that our synergy would make for a successful week ahead.

On Saturday, August 19th, first-year students were welcomed by a team of OLs from all projects to help with the move-in process. The following day, we were able to meet the 79 first years we would be leading. With the help of Dr. Deondra Rose's trivia game, everyone quickly realized that our first-year students were both well-informed and competitive!

The rest of the week unfolded with programming intended to inspire students on how to become 'good' citizens in their new communities. After a tour of Duke's campus, students enjoyed a dinner with some of Duke's most esteemed faculty members and administrators, representing a number of interdisciplinary departments. The following day, students explored downtown Durham and its rich history.

Finally, the long-awaited D.C. trip allowed our entire orientation group to explore our nation's capital. Students explored the National Mall, D.C. restaurants, national museums, the Capitol building, as well the Duke in D.C. office. We were also fortunate enough to have a panel of Duke alumni from the D.C. area offer advice and insight from their Duke experience. Additionally, PCitizen was able to participate in a Braver Angels debate. Students brought up points in either the affirmative or negative on this year's voted topic on 'regulating extremist rhetoric'. In a Braver Angels debate, participants attempt to build common ground and a shared understanding of the given resolution, rather than deeming one side to be the winner. Having this be my third Braver Angels debate, I am reminded of the power of genuine conversations around controversial topics. I am confident that such an experience resonated with our first years so that they might be willing to facilitate similar conversations throughout their years at Duke.

I am yet again beyond grateful to have worked with the amazing PCitizen and POLIS teams. I hope o-week was as enjoyable for our first-year students as it was for me.