Discourse for Democracy

Extreme polarization–or intense division and distrust resulting from people’s opposing opinions on political issues–has become a prominent feature of our political landscape. While diverse perspectives and healthy debate are integral to a well-functioning democracy and the generation of good public policy, extreme polarization poses a serious threat to democracy. It can make us significantly less likely to talk with people who hold different perspectives than we do as we stick to our “bubbles” and end up in echo chambers.  This year, Polis’s events and programs center on the theme of “Discourse for Democracy”–centering authentic and transformative political discussions that promote unity and collaboration.  

The Unify Challenge College Bowl, October 2021

The Unify Challenge College Bowl: Well Done, Duke!

Duke students, staff, and faculty got to participate in the Unify Challenge College Bowl this past October. There they engaged in constructive dialogue with participants of differing political views to bridge the divide in this country.

Duke faced off with other universities, including: US Naval Academy, Penn State, University of West Georgia, University of Illinois at Chicago, Northwestern University, University of Virginia, Brown University, Lone Star Community College and Weber State University.

See what the Duke community had to say about their participation!