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Professor Antepli on Religion in Academia, American School in Japan

Associate Professor Abdullah Antepli was interviewed by students at the American School in Japan for their newspaper Hanabi about the role religion plays in academia.

Prof. Antepli answers the question “where does religion lie in contemporary academic and political discourse?” in an interview with Nathan Michels of the American School in Japan. After giving his background and conversion story, Prof. Antepli explains the vital importance of discourse in politics and the need for civil discourse in the religious sphere.

“Professor Antepli’s message is one of tolerance and understanding. Especially for young people, we have the unique opportunity to push ourselves to create a wider view of the world. Religion, he feels, is not a barrier to intellectual discussion, but a tool to understand some of the greatest historical and contemporary achievements humanity has ever achieved. It is a system of thought that has much to offer to society, and it can — and should — be included in our political and civil discourse.”

-Nathan Michels, ASIJ Junior

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Professor Abdullah Antepli is an associate Professor of the Practice in the Sanford School of Public Policy and Associate Professor of the Practice of Interfaith Relations at the Duke Divinity School.

Nathan Michels is a junior and writer for the Hanabi at the American School in Japan.