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Unify Challenge

October 25, 2021 - October 27, 2021




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Polis: Center for Politics
Unify America

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Unify Challenge flyer

Join the Unify Challenge!

It’s a guided video conversation that you’ll take with another American who may vote differently than you or be different than you in other ways. It’s a small but powerful way for everyday people to heal our national divide.

Consider this your official invitation to step out of your “bubble.” We the People can lead the way.

Once participants sign up, they can choose one of dates in October for their own Unify Challenge match where they’ll be paired with someone from another college to take a guided survey together about a host of goals for America.

Unify Challenge dates:

  • October 25, 27
  • 8:00 pm ET

All are welcome to sign up for the event! If there are any questions or comments, please direct them to Braden Hammond (braden.hammond@duke.edu).