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Devil’s Discourse Episode 2.8 — Best of Devil’s Discourse

In this special episode of the Devil’s Discourse, we share just a few highlights from the first 15 episodes of these unscripted and unedited conversations between undergraduate Duke students. Though ideologically divided, the 16 participants for this experiment in civil discourse challenged each other, listened to each other, and learned from each other.

The topics these students chose to discuss struck at the core of our nation’s political divide, as well as issues impacting our campus community.

Duke University’s mission is, in part, to promote an intellectual environment based on a commitment to free and open inquiry. The Devil’s Discourse honors these sentiments by amplifying the voices of those who live these sentiments.

We want to express our appreciation to the 16 Duke undergraduates who have lent their voices and opinions to this podcast. The Devil’s Discourse exists because of these students’ courage to share their beliefs, desire to engage constructively with others, and their perseverance to continue engaging even when some conversations got tough.

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