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PSC Midterm Election Reflections: Sherman Criner V (PPS ’26) on North Carolina

PSC Midterm Election Reflections: North Carolina​ Sherman Criner V (PPS ’26) Cheri Beasley Cheri Beasley is the Democratic nominee for North Carolina’s U.S. Senate seat in the upcoming midterm election. Justice Beasley graduated from Rutgers University in 1988 and recently received her Master of Laws from Duke University School of Law in 2018. Beasley served as an Associate Justice of North Carolina’s Supreme Court from 2012-2019 while later being appointed to Chief Justice by Governor Roy Cooper where she served from 2019-2020 after losing a tightly contested election to current Chief Justice Paul Newby. Regarding her specific policy stances, Beasley... Continue reading

PSC Midterm Election Reflections: Chloe Decker (PPS ’25) on North Carolina

PSC Midterm Election Reflections: North Carolina Chloe Decker (PPS ’25) A Personal Primary I was born and raised in Murphy, North Carolina–the westernmost town in the entire state. This means that I grew up in the depths of North Carolina’s 11th district, a longtime conservative stronghold that houses mostly rural counties and the urban bubble of Asheville. I never thought I would be against someone young running for office–then in 2020 my home district elected Madison Cawthorn to represent us in the U.S. House of Representatives. After years of Rep. Mark Meadows, who left his position to become President Trump’s... Continue reading