Fresh Take Fridays

Polis’s Friday morning breakfast series provides students, staff, and faculty with a unique opportunity to discuss some of the most pressing political issues of the day with scholars, policymakers, and public figures whose research and professional experiences provide fresh insight.

Upcoming Discussions:

Prius or Pickup?: Political Polarization, Ideology, and Political Psychology with Prof. Marc Hetherington (UNC-Chapel Hill) and Prof. Jonathan Weiler (UNC-Chapel Hill)

Sexual and Gender Minorities, Politics, and Research with Prof. Kate Whetten (Sanford School)

Social Service Provision in Rural Communities with Prof. Carolyn Barnes (Sanford School)


Past Discussions Include: 

Voter Rights and Voter Suppression in North Carolina with Prof. Bob Korstad (Sanford School) 

A Global Perspective on U.S. Elections with Dean Judith Kelley (Sanford School), 

Race, Structural Inequality, and Immigration with Prof. Jay Pearson (Sanford School) & Prof. Ashley Jardina (Political Science), 

For more information contact: Anna Knier (