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Professors Kerry Haynie and Deondra Rose Likely Voter Behavior in NC, U.S. Elections, Duke Today

In a virtual briefing for journalists, professors Kerry Haynie and Deondra Rose covered issues ranging from abortion to climate change which are likely to resonate with North Carolinians in upcoming elections.

Both experts acknowledged a lack of young candidates running for political office, owing to factors like increasing threats against politicians and the difficulty of entering office as an outsider. “Running for office is challenging for anyone and that’s why we do tend to see certain professions over-represented in elected office,” said Rose. “That’s a thing that many people, particularly young people, may not have the latitude to do and the means to do. So, it’s interesting that young people are paying attention to this…There are quite a few organizations that offer candidate training and recruit candidates. In many cases, young people are not prioritized as the candidates who are recruited.”

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