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Professor Kristin Goss on policy-oriented philanthropy studies, The Philanthropy Daily

Kristin Goss

Professor Kristin Goss was interviewed in The Philanthropy Daily about her career and scholarship on policy-oriented philanthropy.

She argues that philanthropy is often an underrepresented area of study in journalism and scholarly research. “Any academic would say that whatever they’re studying probably needs more study but I think it’s particularly true with philanthropy.”

She also asserts that journalist and academic skepticism often plagues grantmakers.
“It’s very easy to stereotype philanthropists as just these out-of-control donors who don’t care, and just stomp on democracy and stomp on the everyday person and their preferences. In my experience as a reporter talking to philanthropists and now as a scholar doing the same, I think that most of them are people of good faith. They care about their public image. They want to produce public value as they see it. They’re sensitive to criticism just like the rest of us.”

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