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Professor Asher Hildebrand on NC Citizen and Democracy Initiatives and Partisan Gerrymandering, Chapelboro

Headshot of Asher HildebrandProfessor Asher Hildebrand tells This Morning with Aaron Keck that North Carolina needs to “ensure the engine of our democracy is working,” before his virtual talk on citizen initiatives with the League of Women Voters of Orange, Durham, and Chatham Counties. “NC is in the minority of states that does not have a more robust citizen initiative process that allows voters to directly put measures on the ballot and have a direct say in policy issues.” 

Professor Asher Hildebrand also calls the recent NC Supreme Court decision to overturn a past ruling that made partisan gerrymandering illegal, “not particularly surprising…[but] it was nevertheless shocking.” He argues, “the current State Supreme Court overturned just a lot of the recent advances toward greater voting rights and greater political equality.”  



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