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Professor Asher Hildebrand on NC Budget Negotiations & Business Boom, PBS North Carolina State Lines

Professor Asher Hildebrand joined Representative Allen Buansi (D-District 56), Anna Beavon Gravely of NCFREE, and Senator Benton Sawrey (R-District 10) on PBS North Carolina State Lines to discuss various topical issues in North Carolina, including budget negotiations, the business boom, and a potential third party on the ballots.

On the NC budget negotiations, Hildebrand argues that “at this point, I see no reason why we can’t just come to an agreement, because the impact on the people in North Carolina is real.” The current impasse has reinforced an already precarious situation for public schools as teachers continue to leave their positions due to low pay, staffing shortages, and overwork.

Pivoting to the current business and corporate boom in North Carolina, Hildebrand cautions that the status as America’s Top State for Business may not last. “We are reaping the benefits of the last few years of relative bipartisan cooperation on the economy” including investments in the workforce and education. However, he argues that “38th in life, health, and inclusion should be a flashing red light,” in reference to North Carolina dropping from No. 28 to No. 38 in the category after CNBC included reproductive rights as a metric. “If we want to compete in the long run, we’ve also got to focus on making a welcoming environment for workers and businesses.”

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