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Professor Deondra Rose on Redistricting and American Democracy, Policy 360: Ep. 131

Deondra Rose

Dean Kelley interviewed Deondra Rose on the Policy 360 podcast about the threat to democracy posed by gerrymandering.

On why redistricting is central to democracy: “This basic constitutional principle where each person should have the capacity to have her, his, or their interest represented in the halls of power is really central to democracy, what we aspire to be as a democracy, and yet politics often gets in the way. So, if we’re entrusting politicians to write congressional districts to draw out these maps, there’s really no guaranteeing that they won’t factor in their own political interests when doing this important work..”

— Professor Deondra Rose

To check out the Policy 360 episode click here

Professor Deondra Rose is Director of Polis: Center for Politics and Associate Professor of Public Policy, Political Science, and History at Duke University