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NC Health News on Healing Politics and Professor Nick Carnes

NC Health News highlighted Healing Politics’ inaugural campaign school hosted by Polis: Center for Politics at the Sanford School. Healing Politics is a non-profit organization dedicated to equipping nurses and midwives with the tools and resources to run successful political campaigns. While the American Medical Association offers a campaign school for physicians, there is no corollary option available to nurses. This is what inspired Healing Politics to run the campaign school, following a delay due to the pandemic. 

Their collaborators have spanned nurse legislators who serve at the local, state, and federal level to campaign professionals and political scientists who deliver tailored guidance. One of these collaborators is Professor of Public Policy and Sociology Nick Carnes whose research centers on the absence of working-class citizens from political institutions. The team at Healing Politics found a natural synergy in Carnes’s research interest in nontraditional candidates for elected office, leading to his facilitation of the Healing Politics inaugural workshop at the Sanford School of Public Policy. The three-day event took place from May 24th to 27th of this year, and brought together a diverse group of nurses and midwives from across the nation, alongside a group of state legislators with backgrounds in nursing. With support from POLIS, Healing Politics was able to cover campaign planning, communication, and ethics to encourage the representation of nurses and midwives in political office. Carnes plans to study the outcomes of participants in the program over the next five years alongside the co-founders of Healing Politics Kimberly Gordon and Lisa Summers.

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