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A Conversation with Jake Sullivan, National Security Advisor

February 3, 2022
12:00 pm
- 1:00 pm




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Polis: Center for Politics
Duke Program in American Grand Strategy

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Conversation with Sullivan

“So many things have surprised me. In other ways, it feels like I’ve come back into the White House after a few years away and there’s all the same enemies and adversaries.”

Jake Sullivan

Polis Distinguished Fellow Ambassador Miriam Sapiro hosted a virtual conversation with Jake Sullivan, National Security Advisor of the United States on the Biden Administration’s national security priorities for 2022, current challenges facing the United States, and the experience of working in the White House.

Sullivan cited the decision to withdraw American troops from Afghanistan and climate change as the most challenging tasks during his tenure as National Security Advisor. “The reason I use these two is because [Afghanistan] was a crisis, a hard-security challenge; but climate is, in a way, equally a crisis of such profound magnitude to our society,” Sullivan said. He also lists the pandemic and cyber warfare as serious threats to national security.

Sullivan additionally discussed diplomatic relations with Iran, China, and Russia.

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