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Cameron Oglesby (MPP ’23) on Community Activism in the Southeast U.S. After Historic Floods, Yale Climate Connections

Polis Student Committee member Cameron Oglesby (MPP ’23) writes for the Yale Climate Connection on community activism after historic floods ravaged the Southeast this past summer. Local community members and neighbors are demanding government action including recovery efforts and investments in infrastructure, drainage, and buffering floodwaters. Oglesby argues that the “need will only grow more dire, as floods and other extreme weather events are projected to worsen in the coming decades.”

Meredith Sims (PPS ‘25): We Need to Re-Emphasize the Importance of Teachers Over Infrastructure

American education is suffering from an overemphasis on school facilities over teacher pay. As the United States falls further behind in world education rankings, this issue has become even more pressing, and we must save our historically strong education system. Throughout the country, there are a variety of massive ongoing and future building campaigns, coupled with limited teacher pay increases. I’ve witnessed the detrimental effects of this trend in my own community, as large bonds have failed to address the lack of a teacher pay increase for over 6 years, prompting teachers to quit and students to suffer.