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A Giant of the Conservative Movement Discusses His Career

One of the most influential figures in the American conservative movement over the last 40 years, Grover Norquist spoke Feb. 7 at Duke about conservatism, issue advocacy, and his longstanding role in politics.

Different Perspectives, Similar Messages on Gun Violence and Regulation

After the 2018 mass shooting in his Pittsburgh neighborhood of Squirrel Hill at the Tree of Life synagogue, where his parents were married and his closest friends regularly attended services, junior David Frisch began planning a campus panel discussion on how to reduce gun violence.

Election 2018: The Surprise Was There Were Few Surprises

When the simple question – Do you plan to vote? – resulted in an F-bomb hurled his way, Gunther Peck took the high road. He inquired why the person was so angry. “I want you to vote,” he told the hurler.