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Making Sense of the Impeachment Inquiry

By Jackie Ogburn A panel of Duke professors on Monday discussed the political, legal and national security issues raised by …

When a Hotel Housekeeper Won a Seat on the City Council

“I am Carmen Castillo: hotel worker, representative, union member, city councilwoman. That’s me, and I want to continue being like that for the rest of my life.” This is how Carmen Castillo begins telling her extraordinary political story.

An Election in India is Raising Interest in North Carolina

With a crucial national election looming in India, and with Indian citizens able to vote from abroad for the first time in history, on April 2 Duke students from India provided their insights into the upcoming election.

Balancing College with Being an Elected Legislator

Think it’s hard being a college student? Try being a political representative as well. On March 4, POLIS: Duke’s Center for Political Leadership, Innovation, and Service invited two young elected officials to speak on Duke’s campus.

Can Comedy Reconcile Political Difference? A ‘Daily Show’ Writer Weighs In

Becoming a lawyer was not a proactive choice for Zhubin Parang, but rather a default option after graduating from college. “Law was possibly the most safe profession that I could think of at the time that did not require knowing math,” he said. That might help explain why after practicing corporate law for four years, Parang decided to quit his job and pursue a career in comedy. But, as he said in a talk this month to POLIS and Sanford School of Public Policy students, it also explains why he’s comfortable doing comedy with a political edge.