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Cameron Oglesby (MPP ’23) on Community Activism in the Southeast U.S. After Historic Floods, Yale Climate Connections

Headshot of Cameron Oglesby

Polis Student Committee member Cameron Oglesby (MPP ’23) writes for Yale Climate Connection on community activism after historic floods ravaged the Southeast this past summer. Local community members and neighbors are demanding government action including recovery efforts and investments in infrastructure, drainage, and buffering floodwaters. Oglesby argues that the “need will only grow more dire, as floods and other extreme weather events are projected to worsen in the coming decades.”

She asserts that many of these problems are worsened by environmental racism including the increase of environmental hazards, lack of adequate infrastructure, and a history of disinvestment in predominantly Black and Brown communities. These hard hit communities are banding together to advocate for better flood recovery and infrastructure development.

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