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Polis Recap: Inaugural Black Policy Conference

Polis Recap: Inaugural Black Policy Conference

By Sophie Yost ('26)

Polis: Center for Politics served as a co-sponsor for the Black Policy Conference - Policy in Living Color. The conference was hosted by the Sanford Committee for Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion and Policy in Living Color. It provided an opportunity for diverse minds to come together to share insights on today’s most pertinent policy issues. The inaugural conference was organized by students Brittany Gabriel, Christian Jones, Ryana Jones, Omolayo Ojurongbe and Jordan Wilson.

The conference kicked off with the reveal of the new “Uneven Ground” walk/talk exhibit in Rubenstein Hall. The exhibit was presented in conjunction with a panel discussion on Durham housing moderated by Professor Emeritus Robert Korstad. Over the course of the conference, the topics discussed ranged from domestic policy to foreign and international policy. The panels were moderated by Sanford faculty Dr. Jay Pearson and Dr. Deondra Rose with Dr. William A. “Sandy” Darity, Jr. as a special guest of the conference.